Images of Fox photo gallery shows Lake Matheson with sun and morning mist

Images of Fox

The Church at FOX co-owner, AJ Thompson.

The Church at FOX co-owner, AJ Thompson.

New Zealand’s weather and its many and varied wild landscapes are constantly changing and provide an endless amount of stunning visual displays begging to be captured through the lens. The Church at FOX’s co-owner; AJ Thompson, has had a fascination with photography since he was a child. He is seldom without his camera equipment in close proximity and is never happier than when he is out in the NZ wilderness, either on foot or on his Mountainbike, with his camera in his backpack and nobody in the frame!

The following galleries contain images of Fox – photography specifically from the Glacier region and the Westland area.

You can see further examples of his images and work at his website AJ Thompson Photography