Terms & Conditions of Stay

We want your stay with us in Fox Glacier to be as relaxing and enjoyable as possible, and have gone to many lengths both large and small to create and provide a perfect environment for you at The Church at FOX.

However, experience has taught us that a small minority of clients unfortunately do not respect the things that go hand-in-hand with creating and maintaining this environment. As a result, and given the totally independent nature of our accommodation and your use of it during your stay in The Church at FOX, we therefore have a few terms and conditions with respect to your stay.

By Booking to stay at The Church at FOX, you are hereby agreeing to comply with the following Terms and Conditions:

Only the person or persons booked and paid for in the booking are permitted to stay at The Church at FOX.

Unless by special arrangement with the owners, a maximum of four persons (inclusive of booked guests and any temporary visitors associated with the booked guests) are permitted on the property at any one time. (Unfortunately we have to have this condition included to avoid large numbers of associated people using the facitlites -creating additional cleaning and servicing costs and wear and tear- but staying elsewhere, as has happened to others running similar accommodation services. We certainly aren’t against you having a great time with your friends, so if you wanted to have dinner for you and 4 of your friends we are only to happy to say yes, but you just have to ask us!)

No parties, functions or other events on or within the property unless specifically organised with the owners.

No smoking is permitted within The Church at FOX

No candles or open flames of any description are to be used.( While we love the effect that candles can create too, the large amount of irreplaceable native timber in the building means that we have to eliminate any fire risk – we couldn’t put any sort of fireplace in the building for the same reason!)

No property or items contained within The Church at FOX ( with the exception of picnic equipment provided exclusively for that purpose) is to leave the building at any time. (We know that that towel, or kitchen table!, is really great and would look wonderful at home or might be really useful on that hike, but we’ve gone to lots of trouble to provision The Church at FOX with items from a long way away so replacement just isn’t an option if it gets lost or goes missing.)

Should any damage or breakages occur, you will advise the owners as soon as is practicable. (We won’t sweat the small stuff because it happens to all of us, but you will be liable for the cost of repair or replacement as a result of  any major damage to the building, furniture or fittings.)

While we are happy to clean up after you once you leave us so we can make The Church at FOX look wonderful for our next guests, we know that you will leave it in reasonable state. However, should things be left in such a way so that we are required to spend considerably longer than normal bringing The Church at FOX back to our high standards then we reserve the right to charge you for the time required to do so.

The plumbing system uses a small pump under the floor to pump the waste out of the building into the waste pipes. You may hear it activating (which it does automatically) when the toilet is flushed or other drainage in the building is being used. To avoid blocking and/or damaging the pump, please do not dispose of anything down the toilet other than toilet paper. Should any items other than toilet paper be flushed down the toilet and subsequently block the pump, you will be liable for the callout fee for the plumber and for the cost of any repair required.

The Church at FOX reserves the right to take and hold a refundable security deposit (or a pre-authorised credit card amount prior to commencement of booking) with reference to these Terms and Conditions.

Please note: Failure to comply with the above Terms & Conditions during your stay could result in your access to the building being suspended and/or cancelled, with no right of refund in all or in part.







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